Women's Leadership

Women’s Leadership

Special Focus on Women

Dr. Chris Cavanaugh places a special focus in her practice and research on women leaders. Grounding this work in her own personal experience in the private sector and in higher education, she is able to frame and understand the journey of women leaders as one that involves facing, handling, and overcoming stereotypes and discrimination, among other barriers. Her research with colleagues (noted in the Articles page) is among the most extensive on women college and university presidents. 

Underrepresented Groups

Dr. Chris Cavanaugh also brings experience working with women, in particular, but also men from underrepresented groups. She has served as a faculty member in the leadership programs at the National Institute for Institutional Diversity and the National Leadership Academy (University of Michigan), the Hispanic Theological Institute (Princeton University), and the Millennium Leadership Initiative (American Association of State Colleges and Universities). Her work in these setting applies leading theories and research on leadership to individuals who face the additional barriers of discrimination and stereotypes.