Senior Team Assessment and Development

Senior Team Assessment and Development

Leadership teams have dynamics that are important to understand. Each team member brings an array of knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as a preferred style for seeking and processing information. Pathseekers II, Inc. uses several tools to accurately assess executive teams, and uses that data to provide insights into how to improve team cohesion and functioning. 

Individual Assessment and Development

Understanding the unique strengths that each individual has and could bring to a leadership position is key to understanding how best to use those strengths. By working with each individual to map out goals and desired learning, the best mix of assessment tools and follow-up executive coaching can be designed. Because we hold certifications to use a wide array of assessment tools, we custom tailor each individual assessment to best address the needs at hand. From there, a personal development plan can be designed, and progress benchmarked. 

Team Assessment and Development

Gaining insight into the breadth of skills, knowledge, abilities, and styles that an entire leadership team possesses can help a leader utilize each team member better, and more deeply understand how to get the most from the team. We are able to customize each team assessment to address specific needs, and to then move to overall team development. Our goal is always to help the team improve its functioning and to understand and respect each member better. 

Team Retreats

Ensuring that the leadership team fully understands its mission, values, and goals is essential for increased overall performance. Combining our customized assessments with a focused leadership team retreat can increase team cohesion, respect, performance, and effectiveness. We work closely with the team to understand how best to customize and facilitate your leadership team retreat.