Strategic Advising and Organizational Planning

Strategic Advising & Organizational Planning

Strategic Planning

Knowing where an institution or organization is heading and what it aspires to be is essential in this rapidly changing world. Pathseekers II, Inc. partners with institutions and organizations that desire to create either institution/organization-wide or department or topic-focused strategic plans. We help ensure that the process is appropriately inclusive, includes measurable outcomes and specific timeline for benchmarking, and a process for making midcourse adjustments. By combining our strategic planning work with our survey research and listening session expertise, we can assist in gleaning the necessary background and contextual data necessary to inform the plan. Our team is equally adept at facilitating the planning process, or playing a guiding consultative role. Contact us for more information. 

disaster, crisis, and continuity of operations planning

Events sometimes occur that present serious and severe challenges to all aspects of an institution or organization. These include natural disasters, active shooters, demonstrations, disease epidemics, power blackouts, and the like. In order to deal with these events as effectively as possible, institutions and organizations must have disaster, crisis, and continuity of operations plans that are fully developed and practiced. Pathseekers II, Inc provides assistance in identifying planning gaps and needs, and can assist in ensuring that the plans are comprehensive and practiced frequently. Contact us for more information. 

advising and mentoring

When individuals take on new responsibilities and roles, it is often beneficial for them to have access to people who have excelled in similar positions who can serve as mentors and offer strategic advice. In addition to the Core Team, who have received national recognition for mentorship, Pathseekers II, Inc. can bring a wide array of experts to assist. Contact us for more information.