Selected Articles

Periodically, we publish commentaries on topics related to leadership and to personal and career development. Listed below are some of our recent contributions. 

Leadership challenges for women college and university presidents. (Cathy Sandeen, Christine K. Cavanaugh, & Deborah Ford, 2018) In Inclusive leadership in higher education: International perspectives and approaches. 

Reflections from women presidents on the joys of leadership and the challenges of the academic pipeline. (Deborah Ford & Christine K. Cavanaugh, 2017) Journal of Higher Education Management.

The importance of executive coaching for academic administrators. (Christine K. Cavanaugh & John C. Cavanaugh, 2018) Journal of Higher Education Management. 

Not coddling but learning. (John C. & Christine K. Cavanaugh, 2017) Inside Higher Education.

You talkin' to me? (John C. Cavanaugh2017) Chronicle of Higher Education. 

Election 2016: A teachable moment for higher education. (John C. & Christine K. Cavanaugh, 2016) Education Dive. 

Alchemy, innovation, and learning in 2025. (John C. Cavanaugh, 2017) EDUCAUSE Review.