Executive Coaching

Ask Yourself: Could I Benefit From Executive Coaching?

AM I ALL THAT I CAN BE? You have undoubtedly asked this question along your life journey. You may be asking it right now. If so, Pathseekers II, Inc's certified executive coaching can help you explore your dreams and goals, improve your leadership potential and skills, and guide you through the discovery of new paths. Our goal is to help people become the skilled, strategic leaders they were meant to be. So. Ask yourself —


Do these feelings sound familiar?

  • You desire one-on-one professional assistance to help you discern your personal goals based on your values. 
  • You desire to partner with trained experts to help you develop new skills, change self-defeating habits, improve your performance, or overcome obstacles that block your success
  • You are ready to be inspired to focus on fulfilling your dreams and achieving your goals.

If so, then you are ready to consider executive coaching.  



A certified coach works with clients to articulate and achieve their goals. The work is typically done in regularly scheduled meetings (including phone and videoconference) lasting from 30 to 60 minutes. A coach supports clients who may be going through a career or life transition, want to fulfill a personal dream, want to spend more time and energy on what matters to them, or even determine what their life purpose truly is. The coach and client agree upon certain actions and milestones that bring the client closer to their best life. 

The Pathseekers II, Inc. approach to coaching includes:  

  • Assessing the skills and self-defeating habits clients currently have. 
  • Establishing achievable goals. 
  • Asking provocative questions. 
  • Providing challenges and brainstorming. 
  • Providing the structure and focus needed for clients to stay in action. 
  • Holding clients accountable to action in between sessions. 



Executive coaching clients can expect to receive numerous benefits from the coaching relationship. Among the most important are:

  • A partner to support you in discerning and creating your best self.
  • A partner to journey with you along your new path as you implement change.
  • Support in the actions you will take to achieve your goals.
  • Access to state-of-the-art coaching techniques, tools, and resources.

To provide a more complete description of executive coaching, and how it differs from mentoring, we wrote this paper. Or, contact us for more information.